This is Nessa, a stray that we believe is less than a year old. She appeared in our yard in September 2001 and went into heat for the first time at the end of that month. We immediately had her spayed and the vet said she was probably about 6 months old.

She is such a happy, sweet puppy and loves us very much! She doesn't, however, love Jose nearly as much. In fact, she jumped on him twice before he learned not to challenge her.

It turns out that Nessa has an anxiety disorder and is now on medication to help correct it. She loves all of the other animals unless one of us (humans) is around and then she gets very defensive and nervous. I have been working with her, trying to train her a bit, and she is getting better but still gets very antsy when she thinks others are around.

Last month Nessa quit eating...on the weekend, of course...and when I called the vet on Monday he said it sounded like a kidney infection. I took her in and she ended up having to stay for a week! Poor baby was so sick...she lost lots of weight that she couldn't afford to lose and I've been trying to fatten her up ever since.

I'm not even sure what breed she is, but I know she has some Doberman in her and it looks like maybe some Rottweiler. She has the cutest floppy ears and seems to love everyone. I can't imagine someone not wanting her, but we haven't been able to find her previous owners. Their loss is our gain, for she is definitely a keeper!