Awards I've Won


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heart These are some awards I have been fortunate enough to win!

Enchanted Hollow's Award of Excellence

July 22,1998

Thanks, Nebula!

Cyber Pet Site Award

July 24,1998

Thanks, Jon!

Marcel's Award

July 26,1998

Thanks, Marcel!

Dragon's Curiosity Award

July 25,1998

Thanks, Todd!

You Light Up the Web

July 27,1998

Thanks, Angeleyz!

Animation Grove's Award

July 28,1998

Thanks, Debb!

Robbie's Pick of the Week

July 28,1998

Thanks, Robbie!

The Fantome Award

July 28,1998

Thanks, Bill!

Presented to

Melnik's Happy Home

August 1,1998


Thanks, Larry!

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My thanks to everyone who elected to give me awards! I am truly touched by these awards...and so proud!!! When I began this site, I didn't even know that there were awards to be won...I did it because I hoped to be able to help someone like myself or my son. That is still my main goal, but I also hope this site offers you some entertaining moments, and that through some of the links I've found, you find whatever you may be looking for!

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