Cool Chihuahua Sites

These are links to some really cool sites that feature Chihuahuas...the coolest, cutest dogs in the world! You can send a postcard with a chihuahua on it, or just look at some neat pictures...whatever you choose, have fun!

Pablo the Wonder Chihuahua's Home Page

The Chihuahua Home Page

Chihuahua Stamps

Chi-Chi's Page

A Page For Chihuahuas

"MY" Chihuahuas

Poncho's Cool Links
Lots of Links!

The Chihuahua FAQ

Chihuahua Kingdom
Full of info--a really neat site!

Chihuahua Heaven
Cute Pics

Taco Bell Net

Chihuahuas and more

Chihuahu Rescue
Adopt Brandy and lots more!

Chihuahua Home Page
An interesting page!

Val's Cheeky Chihuahuas
A cute story with cute pics!

Kandee's Chihuhuas
For Sale

The Tomb of the Chihuahua Pharaohs
An oddly interesting little page!

Chihuahuas:AKC Bred Standards
Standards for the breed.

Chihuahua Mailing List

McIntosh Chihuahuas
For Sale

A very sweet story.

My name is Buddy
A story from the dogs point of view!

Pockets Page
This is the cutest dog!!!

Chris, Great and Small
Tons of stuff!!

Chihuahua Archives
Some great photos!!

Chihuaha Postcards
Send one to someone today!

'A-1' Cyberpet
Tons of info, and it's fun!!

Cool...lots of info to help you care for your pet!

Poncho's Chihuahua Wonderland
Poncho is so cute!! Gotta see him!!

Doggy Paws
Tons of neat stuff!

Chihuahua Chat
A Chihuaha chat room! Cool!

Links and stuff!

Yo Quiero T'co B'll
Info about that cute chihahua on the commercials!

Knit a Chihuahua Sweater

Rachel's First Web Site
A personal page with some links.

Chihuahua Pictures
Cute, unusual pics!

Virtual Church of the Blind Chihahua
An interesting place...maybe not for everyone!

Toy Group
Info about Toy Breeds.

Lots of Photos!

The locked/chained world of Rogernald Dogue and Elanor Dogue-Dogue
A Dog's Memoirs!