From Tutwiler

    So, what did you give (or get from) your sweetie pie for Valentine's? Millions of roses are sold every February 14th to convey I love you, but there are those who believe a blast of chocolate will say it better.
    The February issue of Consumer Reports features comparisons of 19 boxed chocolates (in 1 pound boxes or closest available size) in a wide range of prices, from $6 to $72 a box, which breaks down to about 70˘ to just over $7 per 1.4 oz. serving, which was two to four pieces for most of the tested products. Believe it or not, the magazine's findings revealed the best chocolates came from the lesser known artisan makers and prices generally (but not always) reflected quality. Martine's, La Maison du Chocolate and Candinas were rated highest and were among the most expensive. A 20 oz. box of La Maison du Chocolate Coffret Maison sells for $72, which could easily explain why I've never heard of it. I identify more with daughter Melanie who says she much prefers Hershey's Chocolate Kisses with Almonds, for about 2.50 per bag.
    Think about this, too. What would life be like without Coca Cola? I read from my book of "Facts About Mississippi" that in 1910, during the 81st session of the State Senate, Senator Theodore G. Bilbo introduced a bill "to prohibit the manufacture, sale, barter, or the giving away of Coca Cola". Of course, the bill died in Committee and I know Barbara Jennings has thanked that august body of men many times over for not depriving her of her constant companion through the years. Remember that song Doris Day used to sing..."You Can't Have One Without the Other"? Well, that's Barbara and Coca Cola.
    If you're hearing ringing noises or think your fillings are picking up the air waves, it's probably somebody's cell phone. Everybody has one (or more) and they take them everywhere. I've heard them ring at business meetings, socials, weddings and funerals. Not long ago, as I was leaving a Mall, I met a woman who was talking to me (I thought), only to discover she had one of those hands free phones, which explained why,since she was looking toward me with her lips moving and no phone in sight, I thought we were communicating. She probably never heard what I said, which was for the best. Another cell story is about the man in the bathroom answering the next stall's occupant when he said, "How ya doin'?" After responding about the third time, the man said, "Would you mind? I'm trying to talk on the phone." The latest goodie was in this weeks comics of FRANK & ERNEST, where two little boys were outside playing and one said, "I'm going to be the ring bearer in a wedding. I think it means I get to carry the cell phone."
    Virgie Grissom didn't use her cell phone but related in person that she has a new great grandaughter named Caitlin, born to Kimberly and Jeffry Corso of Clarksdale. Donnie and Audrey are the beaming grandparents of this, their second grandchild. Not so for Dottie and Aubrey Seymore, Jr. who are welcoming their first grandchild, little Reed James, born to Manda and Tommy James of Jackson. Congratulations to both families in this joyous occasion.
    Mary Claire Foreman of Garland, Texas spent last week with Mable and Hayward Callicutt. Mary Claire is Mable's neice and one of several who've been thoughtful and caring of Mable during her illness. Delanne Billingsly of Como visited her mother Daysidel Bruister-Berryhill and other relatives this past week and attended one of the prayer services being held in preparation for Tutwiler Baptist Lay Renewal Weekend, coming up Feb. 22-24.
    Fayette Bruister Junkin and husband Freddie of Witchita visited us and other relatives in Tutwiler, Clarksdale, Jackson and Cleveland this past week. Usually Fayette visits relatives over this way while Freddie goes fishing with his brother and friends in Cleveland. He told us about seeing crappie 15 to 17 inches long being caught near Rosedale. Crappie that size are seldom seen and he was excited about it. Luanne Vance has returned from Dallas where she attended a School of Dance function.
    The sick still include Dot Peyton in ICU Clarksdale and Emmett Bourne in the Greenwood Hospital. Jimmy Jones has had his surgery re-scheduled again. Next week is the new time. Virgie Grissom is having tests at Semmes-Murphy to know whether surgery will be needed or not and Dickie Childress will have tests in Memphis on Wednesday for eye problems. Our prayers are for their recovery, and soon.
    Also, sympathy goes to Joann Hillman and family in the sudden death of her brother, Billy, of Clarksdale. He died of heart failure on the 5th.
    That's about it again from Tutwiler where Charles Shumate of California called today and chatted about reading my column and wanted a certain one he had failed to save. Charles grew up in Webb and is the older brother of Ronald, who got to know just about everybody in these parts while living here. Ronald was at the Baddour Center in Senatobia before Charles found a private home in Decatur where he lives now. Charles sends the paper on to Ronald and that way they both keep up on the goings on somewhat...a big hello to Charles and Ronald from all the folks back home.