My Musings In Verse

There will several poems here,that I have written at different times in my life. At the moment, I have only one. I seem to have misplaced the usual! I am extremely disorganized...the sign of an artistic temperament, I suppose. At least, I hope that's what it is! Anyway, this is the beginning. I hope you can find something of value to you here.


War has been waged; the battle's begun.

The insidious enemy has invaded-

unseen and unfelt in the beginning,

But growing bolder with the passage of time.

Until, finally, a crippling blow is struck

and there can be no doubting the enemies intentions.

This is what Multiple Sclerosis is like...

my body has been invaded, the damage done-

knowledge and understanding of the enemy

coming only when the war is half over.

But the outcome of this war is far from determined.

For I have powerful weapons of my own-

a strong will; a positive attitude;

knowledge of the enemy; hope, and

perhaps the greatest weapon of all, faith.

Small battles are sometimes lost

but I know I'm winning the war.

I'm writing this, aren't I?