Melnik's Happy Home Proudly Presents

The Rattie Repertory Mayhem Dance Company is a mischief of RATS (DON'T call them mice!!) who love to dance! They are joined together by nothing more than this. Because of this common interest, they have hired a manager and formed a dance company! They have been hired by many noted people, and if you would like to hire them, all you need is a season ticket! To get your's click here!

The Dancers have graciously agreed to perform for you here at Melnik's Happy Home. The first two performers are Calliope and Gumdrop.

They are followed by Ruby, Rhapsodie, and Shy Ty!

All of the ladies on this page are performing to Daydream Believer by The Monkees!

And now, I'd like you to welcome Portia, Rose, and Bella!

Bravo, ladies! Encore! Encore!

Irish Rats

Scottish Rats