Sebe's Favorite Things


Spawn Central
The Film.
Spawn the Movie
SPAWN: WWW Headquarters
Todd McFarlane Site! Really Cool!
Spawning Ring Bulletin Board
Action Figures for Sale!
McFarlane Toys...Cool!
Collector's Paradise--SPAWN
The Comic Book--Great Graphics!
Spawn Action Figures
New Action Figures...Pics!
Spawn, Way Cool Comic by Tod McFarland
Way Cool Page with Links and other good stuff!
Keebler's Spawn Page
History/Character List/Message Board/Links.
SPAWN:Today's News
Lots of info!
Malebolgia's Domain
Images/Links/Characters/Message Board and more!
Tod McFarlane: Creator of Spawn
The Creator of Spawn!
Spawn:McFarlane Toys
Cool Toys and Cool Pics!


These are some of Sebe's favorite bands.


The Ultimate Band List:Garbage
Links, links, links!!!

Cocteau Twins

Cocteau Twins Official Page
The Ultimate Band List:Cocteau Twins
Links, links, links!!
The Cocteau Cafe
Gallery/Links/Lots of other cool stuff!

The Doors

The Ultimate Band List:The Doors
Links, links, links!!
The Other Side
Images/Sounds/Links and more!
Ride the Snake
A really cool page!
Jim Morrison and the Doors Tribute
Tons and tons of cool stuff!
The Doors Official Web Site
Really cool site!
Mojo Risin'
Ultimate Rock Postcards
These are so cool! Gotta try one!!

Pink Floyd

Pink Flyd
Floydian Daze
Lots of stuff...this is a great page!
The Ultimate Band List:Pink Floyd
Links, links, links!
Floydian Window on the World
A truly comprehensive page!

Led Zeppelin

Atlantic Records Official Site
Biography/Discography/Lots More!
The Ultimate Band List:Led Zeppelin
Links, lins, links!
Electric Magic
Everything you could possibly need!!

Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails:The Unofficial Website
Photos/Discography/FAQs/Lyrics and more!
Another Unofficial Nine Inch Nails Website
This one has everything!
Devils Speak of Bloody Angels
Definitely for adults only!!!
Nails In My Head
Live Performances/Chat/Archives/News.
Burning Souls
A cool site with lots of stuff!

Tori Amos

A Tribute To Tori Amos
The Ultimate Band List
Links, links, links!
Tori Amos From the Choirgirl Hotel
Lots of info!
The Tori Files
Interesting and Ambiguous!
Thoughts Right Now

Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan
Discography/News/Gallery/Bio and more!
Sarah McLachlan
Links, links, and more links!
Solace in Sarah
News and Views!
Sarah's Soul Strokes
One Fan's Appreciation.
Sarah McLachlan Audio
Samples from various albums.

Miscellaneous Music

David Bowie
The Official Website!
Bob Dylan
A Simple Twist of Fate-biography.
Dak Side of the Web-Music
Dark, Gothic, and Industrial Music Links!
The Ultimate Band List
Find links to almost any band here!
Internet Underground Music Archive


These are some of Sebe's favorite artists.


Encanted Mind
What's New/Puzzles/Techniques/Inspiration/Samples/Links.
The entire collected works in the Escher Museum!
World of Escher
Art Museum/Library/Gift Shop.
Unofficial M.C.Escher Home Page
Cool Pics!
David McAllister's Escher Collection
Lots of really great pics!
Thames and Hudson Escher Interactive
Bio and Pics.
M.C.Escher Pictures
Takes a while to load, but it's well worth it!
M.C.Escher on the WWW
A Great Site!!
Neal's Escher Page
Another good site!

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali Page
Cool pics of Dali's work!
Official Web Site for the Salvador Dali Afficianado and Serious Collector
Dali Virtual Museum of Art
Very Cool Site!
Doug Grose's Gallery
Full screen pics!
St.Petersburg Salvador Dali Gallery
Dali's Divine Comedy
The man, the work and more!
Sandman's syber-studio
A cool page with art and quotes!
Salvador Dali (main)
Four Paintings.
Marcelo's Salvador Dali Page
Bio/Paintings/Links...a really good site!
A Little Bit Of Sanity...
Lots of pics!
Dali Archives
Michael Parks and Salvador Dali
Lots and lots of pictures!
Salvador Dali
Nice site...I like the way this one is done!
Bibliography of Surrealism
Information about Surrealism in the Arts.
Aaron Ross--Grotesque Essay
A very interesting essay on the grotesque and surreal!

Scott Mutter

The Images of Scott Mutter
Cool Photos!
Scott Mutter