Sebe:The Early Years

I have already introduced you to my son as he is now, but thought you might enjoy seeing him as he was. I was divorced from his father, John, by the time Sebe was 6 months old. We moved in with my parents becaue I needed all the help I could get! I knew nothing about raising a child...Sebe and I sort of grew up together. We had lots of fun!

Baby Sebe

Baby Sebe

Baby Sebe

These three pictures were taken when Sebe was about 6 months old...he made the cutest sounds, trying to talk! He was such a happy baby!

Here he is at about 1 year of age.

Baby Sebe

As he got older, he loved to dress up like his favorite super-heros. Here he is with his cousin Shelley. I believe that's his Robin suit...he's using one of Nanie's aprons for a "cave"(cape), as he called it, and a pair of socks for gloves!

Sebe and Shelley

Sebe on Horse

Sebe loved this rocking horse! It had springs, so he could really get to bouncing, and then he would usually let go!! He had more black eyes than any child I've ever seen!!!

Sebe with Bottle

Sebe loved to dress up as a cowboy. He had some cute little boots and holsters(he carried his bottle in one of these!), and he wore one of his Papa's old cowboy hats! It was huge, but he loved it! In fact, he loved this stuff so much that I would have to remove his hat and boots at night after he went to sleep! The first time I took him to the lake, he had a miserable time...he wanted to go in the water with his boots on!

Rodeo Clown

Here he is with Susie the clown. The Memphis in May Festival always has a clown choose the clowns to be in this parade, a group goes to all of the small towns in the mid-south and chooses one clown from each. Sebe was chosen from Tutwiler...he was Sebo the Rode Clown! He was soooo cute!

Clown Face

I've told you that Sebe liked to pretend, but I don't think I've made it clear how serious he was about it! He wanted his costumes to be perfect, and he would change characters several times each day. Well, one day he wanted to be a clown, and I just did not feel like going through everything that would involve...make-up on and then off, etc.,so I glued(with rubber cement) little pieces of construction paper to his face! Yes, NOW I know how stupid that was, but then I wasn't thinking correctly! Rubber cement rolls right off the fingers with no trouble whatsoever...I just didn't think about all of the little hairs on the face! Needless to say, that was the last time we did that!!!