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A Smile Comes To Smileville

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Once upon a time, in the enchanted village of Smileville, there lived a very happy family! There was a mother, Merry, and a father, Happy, and six little Smilingtons!

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There was little Smiley-Jane...the littlest, cutest Smilington!

Next, there was Smiley-Sue...the shy one. She spent most of her time reading and drawing and telling little Smiley-Jane stories that she made up!

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Sweetie was next in line. She got her name because she was always hugging and kissing her friends and family! Everybody loved Sweetie!


This is Skippy. It shoud be pretty evident how he got his name!


Dizzy Lizzy loved to spin in circles...she would do it until she fell down!

Sebo Cool

The oldest of the Smilington children was Sebastian...but they all call him Sebo Cool!

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The Smilington's had other relatives who lived in Smileville...there was Picassmile, the artist of the family!


And Uncle Uncool...he just didn't get it. (The kids said he was square!)


Uncle Smily-Ray was considered a bad influence and was the black sheep of the family, but he was Smiley-Sue's favorite!

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Then there was Poor Aunt Wishy-Washy...that's what they always called her, anyway! She just couldn't make up her mind about anything! It made her sad and blue...

Did You?

And last, but not least, there was Grandpa Smiley...he talked to himself a lot!!! It made the kids laugh!



If I didn't say it before, this was a very happy place! Even the sun smiled every day! Everybody loved everybody else...even the ones who had problems, or were different! They promoted the spirit of peace, understanding, and tolerance in Smileville! They even welcomed strangers wholeheartedly...until the day HE came to town! Big Smile At first, he looked and acted just like everyone else...he always had a smile and a big hello for everybody! But soon, strange things began to happen...

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Skippy stopped skippin' and started slidin'...
Sebo Cool developed a different personality (or several!)...
Sad Smile

Smiley-Jane cried all the time...

Dizzy-Lizzy quit spinning and would just smile painfully when anyone asked her why...
Look Both
Smiley-Sue went from happy to sad, and little Sweetie became extremely rude!
Mr. Yuk

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Gradually, very gradually, Mr. Bigsmile (that was his name!) began to change! First, it was a frown, a wicked little wink...things that were almost unnoticeable.

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Smile Evil Smile
Then he began to show his teeth...

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Smile Devil
Until, at last, he was revealed as he truly was...a demon...something evil trying to ruin their home because it hated happiness!

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What would they do? Where would they turn? Who would help them?
Well, of course, their Fairy Dot-Father would save them!


He came marching into town with a song on his lips and a smile in his heart, and, because his belief in goodness and the power of human nature was so strong, the Smilington children were able to reassert their true natures. They all began to laugh and sing and dance, and under the force of their combined goodwill, Mr. Bigsmile took to his heels and got out of there as fast as he could!

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Because the children were ultimately responsible for their own salvation, their confidence and self-esteem grew and they began to show signs of the adults they would someday become. They treated each with more kindness and respect and lived happily ever after!
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Sebo Cool

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