This entire site was done using a webtv! Without certain people's help, this wouldn't have been possible...I just want to thank them here. And make it possible for you to link to their pages.

You may look at this website and think, "I wouldn't even know where to begin!" Well, I can show you where to start...same place we all start! By getting some help. And I know just the people to help! There are lots and lots of nice people out there who donate their time and efforts to help others learn! I can't say enough about these folks! I have never met any of them, but I owe them a debt of gratitude...if not for them, I wouldn't be talking to you now!

Draac's Free Gifs 123
An absolutely unbelievable source of images for webtv users!
Gifs to Go
Another great source for webtv users!
WTV Friends Free Gifs
Great free gifs for webtvers!
Sandi 's Garden of Gifs
A Lot of Free Gifs for us!
wtvjunky's color chart
I use this one a lot!
Free WebTV Linkable Gifs
Even more free gifs!!!
Zy Graphics
Designer graphics for your website.
All sorts of textures!
Icon Bazaar
Allot of Gifs To Go
Lots more free gifs!
Beard Bros Ani-Gifs
Clip Art Warehouse
GIFs Links
WTV Friends Linkable Gif Pages
Free Webtv Linkable Gif Sites
The Cottage
Dr. Fun's Graphics
A/V Library
Patrick's Free Graphics For Webbers
The Logo Collective

Banner Makers

Banner Generator
Animated Banner Maker
Instant Online Banner Creator
VP Free Banner Creator
3D Logo Generator


Annabella's HTML Helps
I learned so much here!
More help!!
Homesite 101
The first place I went for help!
HTML Classes
HTML Goodies Home Page
Webtv Help
HTML, Gifs, and Music for WebTV
Tom's WebTV Page
N2Play's Playground
Krazy Kodes


Image Magick
This place is great! You can do so much here!
This is so much fun...go try the example!
GIF Lube
This is a great place to shrink your images-not in size, but in pixels-so that your page loads faster!
Image Alchemy
Ronnie's Webtv Quickfind
Very helpful site!
Another helpful site!
Mad Rabbit's Reference Tables
Mega Web Tools
Web Tools
WebTV Tools by Mechanical Music
Virtual Free WebMaster Tools
Star Boulevard Transload Service
Assign a shortcut to this service; when you find a pic you want, you can go directly ad transload it! I use this umpteen dozen times a day!!
GIF Wizard
Alton's WebTV Links
The Webber's One-Stoppe Shoppe
WAWG Services
Dr. Watson
This is a validator, to check your webpages for errors.
Site Inspector
Web Page Purifier
Resources of the Internet
Web Site Resources
V3 Redirect Service

Ways To Get Your Pictures On Your Site

Uncle Fester's
He will load your pictures to your site if you send them to him! Thanks, Uncle Fester!!!
Photo Scanning
I haven't actually used this one, but I'm sure it's teriffic!
KODAK Photonet Online
You've got to check this out! It is Webtv compatible!

Music Sites

Audio Resources
Dave's Midis
All the midis you could possibly need!
Free Midis For WebTV
Shawn's Midi Page
Grav's Linkables
Sound Express
Dug's Sound Archive
Kit's World of Music

WebTV Helps

Paul Erickson's Site Map
WebTv Online Network
WebTV Links
WebTV Stuff
Ultimate Resources For WebTV
Ultimate WebTV Page
WDVL Directory
WebTV Shortcuts
This is a great site! They can help you with everything a webtver could want!
WebTV Zone
Alan's WebTV Guide
Get the URL of images here, and much more!
Marty's New WebTV and WebTV Plus Help Site
For problems with WebTV Units
WebTV Guru
WebTV Pages Search/Submit Your Site
Dave's Index Page
Add Your Link/Tips and Tricks/HTML/Transitions/Validator
NetMechanic - Free Web Site Tune-Ups! Link and HTML testing, Server Reliability Testing
Spacebeagle's Page
Linkable Midis/Backgrounds/Free Uploading
Swipe Rom Cache
You should clean your cache every once in a will speed up your connection!

Search Engines

Lycos Pics and Sounds
This is a great search engine for finding pictures and sounds!
Beaucoup Search Engines
Millennium: Best Top 10 Search Engines