Links to great Troll and Pez sites!

These are some of my favorite places to visit just for fun!! I hope you will enjoy them, too! If you know of any fun places not listed here, please email me...I'll add them!


June Nietman's California Troll Call
Nifty Pics!
Collector's Connection
Trolls for sale.
Donna's Collectibles
Troll Auctions!
Dragonhord's Home Page
Trolls for sale.
eBay Auction Classifieds
Click on search; type in 'troll or trolls'; enjoy!
High Peaks Gift Shop Online
Handmade trolls.
Home of the Trolls
Trolls made by the Arensbak family.
Poem by Diane Scalia
Nyform Troll Collectors Club
Magazine/History/Join Club/General Info.
Scandinavian Touch
Trolls for sale.
The Forum Online Antiques Market
Trolls for sale.
A & T Collectibles
Great pics!!! This is one of my favorite sites!!
View the Troll Ads
Troll Classifieds.
The Moomintroll Home Page
Goblin King's OnLine Guide to TROLLS
A really cool NEW troll site!


Evan's Page O' Pez
Info on conventions/Pez for sale.
Sound Collectibles PEZ Gallery
Pez for sale.
Pez for sale.
Pezland Home Page
Tons of info!
A humerous look at Pez!
The Dark Side of PEZ
The Pez Palace
Lots and lots of info!
Other Pez Flavored Pages
Pez Link!
Michael's Page of Pez Memorabilia
Great Page...lots of info!!
Burlingame Museum of Pez Memoriabilia
Pez for sale and more!
What's new with the Pez Page?
Lots of info!

Liddle Kiddles

Len and Kathy's Collectibles
Toys for sale.
DegaDee's Home Page
Ladylyrika's Home Page
Kiddle Message Boards/Lots of 70's stuff!
Jive Turki's Kiddle Express
Lots of pics and fun stuff!
Julie's Liddle Kiddles
Tons of really cool stuff!
Caroliddle's Place-a-diddle
All sorts of cool stuff!
Caroliddle's Storybook Land
Kiddlebit7's Home Page
Kollector Kreations/Kiddles for sale.
Julie's Liddle Kiddle Home Page
Kiddles for sale!
Antiques, Trash, and Treasure
Kiddles for sale!
Toys of Another Time
Kiddles for sale!
Lara's Dolls of My Youth
Kiddles for sale!
Cindy's Collectibles
Pictures/History/Kiddles for sale.
Citron 's Kreation Page
Kollector's Kreations.
JavaJiddle's Kreation Page
Kiddle Kollector's Kreations.
Wulf's Kreation Page
More Kollector Kreations!
Wiley's Korner
Even more Kreations!
A Kup O' Kafe Ratte
One Last Kreation!