Jose...cutest dog in the universe!


Jose:Cool Dog!

Wagging Tail
Just some anecdotes, and hopefully, some pics of the greatest dog in the Universe!! He's such a cutie!


My friend, Jose, is the coolest dog in the world! He is also the weirdest, funniest, silliest, best dog in the world! In fact, he's such a part of our family, we don't even call him a dog; we call him a pupple.(that's dog-speak for people)(or people-speak for dogs that people think of as people!) Whatever!!


Thought that was pretty funny, didn't ya, Jose?!

Now, the dog at the top of the page looks nothing like Jose!(as you can see, now that I got some pics of my baby on here!) I just thought he was cute...he does kinda have Jose's personality, though! All bark at one end and all wag at the other! Must be the duality of his nature, huh?! Anyway, Jose is a Chihuahua. He is 12 years old, but he still acts like a pup much of the time! He loves his stuffed kitty and ice cream sandwiches. He hates the doctor and "motorcycle ears"!(when they were both younger, Sebe would cup his hands around Jose's ear and make motorcycle noises and sort of "rev" with his wrists...does this make any sense???) Anyway, Jose hates that!


This is Jose...isn't he a cutie?! He hates having his picture taken...any time a camera is pointed at him, he deliberately starts doing something obnoxious like licking his behind or something! It took forever to get these two! I swear he does it on purpose!

To see more pics of Joseclick here.

Let me tell you just how much he hates the doctor...I had to board him one time for about 4 days. When I picked him up, he was literally skin and bones. When we got home, I noticed he was hobbling around like he didn't feel good. He got under my bed and wouldn't come out. This went on for a couple of days...he didn't eat or drink or go to the bathroom...Well, we finally got him out (the only time he ever bit me!) and I took him back to the Vet...I put him down on the examining table, and was petting him while we waited for the doc to come in, and he looked up at me as if to say,"See, mom! I'm a good boy! It's not my fault!" About that time the doctor walked in the room and Jose pooped all over the table! I began to apologise, and the doc said that it happened every time any of them touched him...and they had to touch him at least three times a day! No wonder he was so skinny!! He ended up getting a muscle relaxer through an I.V. He got antibiotics, and some other medicine. On the way home, I went by the Drive-through window at Burger King and got him a hamburger and a glass of water, since he seemed to be feeling better and I knew he had to be starving! Needless to say, that was the last time I attempted to board him! I did have to take him so he could be dipped, and that was a disaster as well! First, he bit the doc...when they tried to get him out of the cage so he could go home, he got so upset that his blood pressure shot way up and he got a nose bleed! It took about 30 minutes to get it stopped, and now I doctor him at home as much as possible!


Dane and Chihuahua


I found this great picture and thought you might enjoy it! Actually, it reminds me of when we first got Jose...our neighbors had a huge boxer named Rex. That was the meanest dog! At that time, Jose was tiny...I could hold him in my two cupped hands! Well, the first day I got him, I took him outside and put him down on the porch. I told him not to run off, because he might get in trouble! About that time, Rex appeared! I tried to grab Jose, but he took one look, laid back his ears, and ran right at Rex, yapping as loud as he could! I naturally thought he was dead, but Rex took one look at this tiny, LOUD, THING charging right at him, and turned around and ran home as fast as he could! With Jose right behind him! And me right behind Jose! In retrospect, it was pretty funny, but at the time, I almost had a heart attack!!


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